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Our variety of community service project are available to people of all backgrounds and abilities to participate. We will provide assistance with referrals for court-ordered community services.

We have support groups to assist your child with everyday challenges, life skills changes, and educational talk groups. “Ask Sammy” will work closely with probation Advocates, Juvenile detention centers and court mandated orders to insure your child gets back on the right path in life.

Whether your child is struggling academically or just wants to get ahead, “Ask Sammy” will provide referrals in a comfortable academic environment with a tutor that is skilled and well educated to assist your child.

We have a variety of referral resource methods to help you find opportunities, based on your availability and experience. "Ask Sammy" will help set up interviews, give step by step guidance and provide excellent interview tips.

We will advocate alongside parents to make sure their child gets the proper educational services they need to get the best education. Our team of education specialist will assist and support parents in understanding family educational rights.

“Ask Sammy” Referral program provides information from a variety of organization support groups for Youth and Adults. The programs can be anonymous, based on the need of support. Some programs will focus on family strength, emotional issues, mutual issues and individual support, to create a positive change in life.

“Ask Sammy” Mentor Program specializes in Youth Development. Mentoring can be a critical ingredient towards positive Youth outcomes. Our Mentors are dependable, energetic, trustworthy, enthusiastically engaged with our youth, while building and developing a relationship and being tuned in to the needs of the Mentee.

“Ask Sammy” Child care assistance program, is design for temporary care for working parents struggling to find childcare. Our program provides dependable, trained, loving parents to help care for your child on a temporary basis, while “Ask Sammy” referral program assist in finding permanent child care centers.

We provide help learning, accommodating, and performing work duties. In addition to working on skills related to performing specific job tasks, as well as interpersonal skills necessary in the workplace.

Developing skills to overcome being a young single parent, patience, and balancing children, school, and work.

Is a program developed by “Ask Sammy” to provide temporary assistance to families in need of a HHA or a certified CNA. This program is limited to emergency care only. For more information please contact “Ask Sammy”

“Ask Sammy” Housing referral program will advocate on your behalf to assist you with consultation on renting or purchasing a home, or emergency housing assistance. (If you are seeking emergency shelter).

Teaching adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of every day life.

AskSammy is a Non-profit 501(c)3 Organization
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